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"Worldbridge Language Center is an amazing place to learn and grow! I have taken American students there for practical learning about English teaching for five years. WBLC always welcomes us with open arms, and we have so enjoyed our interaction
with both teachers and students there." - Dr. Jan Dormer, Professor of TESOL

“I highly recommend Worldbridge Language Centre to anyone interested in learning language. Each of my three children studied Indonesian at Worldbridge and loved
the experience. They found the team at Worldbridge to be friendly, caring and very professional.”
- Andrew Cowell, Director GLO Ministries Australia

“I've studied Bahasa Indonesia a number of times at Worldbridge over the course
of several years. Right from the beginning, I was impressed by how carefully the staff arranged my classes so that they would be tailored precisely to my needs. Per my request, they created one-on-one lessons exactly calibrated to my degree of proficiency in the language.  They painstakingly sought out reading assignments (magazine essays and news articles) linked to my particular interests. Classes lasted 4 hours each day, and
the time always passed quickly, thanks to the enthusiasm, dedication, and sense of warm hospitality the instructors brought to each session. And the personal contacts
and introductions provided by the Worldbridge staff really opened up for me the
culture and society of Malang and East Java in general. In particular I thank Bu Merro, who is a superb teacher and who is extraordinarily generous in making every student
feel valued and welcome, and Bu Pam, who helped me find the best possible accommodations during my time studying in Malang. I give this school my highest recommendation: Worldbridge truly lives up to its name, providing the bridge
to a world of heightened communication and friendship.”
- David Pinault, Writer, Publisher, Lecturer USA

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